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Seed High Growth Portfolio

This wrap portfolio is being closed. Click here to read the letter from Seed.

Aims and Objectives

This portfolio is designed for high growth seeking investors who are more concerned about capital growth over the long term than potential capital losses over the short term. It is ideally suited for:

  1. Investors whose investment horizon is more than 5 years.
  2. Investors that are more than 5 years away from retirement.
  3. Older investors that have substantial assets and where enough assets have been set aside in a moderate portfolio to finance their income requirements over at least five of years.

The return objective of this fund is to outperform a benchmark of Inflation + 6% per annum over a rolling 5 year period while the risk objective is to protect capital over a rolling 4 year period.
The strategy that this fund follows to reach its return and risk objectives is:

  1. Select top quality unit trust managers with excellent track records.
  2. Actively manage the portfolio within the following asset class ranges:
    • RSA EquityBetween 37.5% and 81.25% of the fund
      RSA Protected Equity #Between 0% and 12.5% of the fund
      RSA BondsBetween 0% and 25% of the fund
      RSA CashBetween 0% and 25% of the fund
      RSA PropertyBetween 0% and 20% of the fund
      Offshore AssetsBetween 25% and 50% of the fund

    # Protected Equity is effectively an exposure to the equity market but with the necessary protection in place to protect it from large capital losses.

Current Portfolio Position
FundFrom 05 Dec 2011
Seed Flexible Fund (A)100%

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