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Fund Listing

Funds listed by 12 month sell-sell performance. Click on a fundname to view details.
1.Investec Property Equity Fund (H)South African General Property0.96%8.60%30.62%- -
2.Investec Property Equity Fund (A)South African General Property0.96%8.48%30.07%82.86%
3.Investec Global Opportunity Equity Fund of Funds (H)Global General-2.40%2.64%16.84%- -
4.Investec Global Opportunity Equity Fund of Funds (A)Global General-2.41%2.53%16.69%86.48%
5.Investec Global Opportunity Equity Fund of Funds (B)Global General-2.41%2.53%16.56%84.31%
6.Investec Active Quants Fund (R)South African General-2.26%-4.90%14.58%72.56%
7.Investec Equity Fund (H)South African General-2.45%-2.01%14.49%- -
8.Investec Equity Fund (R)South African General-2.45%-2.09%14.26%64.84%
9.Investec Equity Fund (A)South African General-2.46%-2.13%14.20%64.80%
10.Investec Equity Fund (B)South African General-2.46%-2.13%14.20%64.80%
11.Investec Worldwide Equity Feeder Fund (R)Global General-3.24%-0.86%13.80%102.72%
12.Investec Active Quants Fund (B)South African General-2.28%-5.19%13.46%67.47%
13.Investec Worldwide Equity Feeder Fund (H)Global General-3.25%-0.95%13.36%- -
14.Investec Global Strategic Managed Feeder Fund (H)Global High Equity-1.65%2.39%13.02%- -
15.Investec Worldwide Equity Feeder Fund (A)Global General-3.25%-1.07%13.01%101.10%
16.Investec Worldwide Equity Feeder Fund (B)Global General-3.25%-1.07%12.95%99.68%
17.Investec Global Strategic Managed Feeder Fund (A)Global High Equity-1.66%2.27%12.74%78.32%
18.Investec Global Strategic Managed Feeder Fund (B)Global High Equity-1.66%2.27%12.70%77.42%
19.Investec Active Quants Fund (H)South African General-2.27%-5.08%12.32%- -
20.Investec Managed Fund (H)South African High Equity-1.28%1.22%10.08%- -
21.Investec Managed Fund (R)South African High Equity-1.29%1.07%9.94%54.58%
22.Investec Opportunity Fund (R)South African Flexible-1.46%-0.62%9.65%47.38%
23.Investec Managed Fund (A)South African High Equity-1.28%1.11%9.61%51.97%
24.Investec Managed Fund (B)South African High Equity-1.29%1.11%9.59%51.95%
25.Investec Opportunity Fund (H)South African High Equity-1.46%-0.55%9.09%- -
26.Investec Cautious Managed Fund (H)South African Low Equity-1.07%0.64%8.94%- -
27.Investec Opportunity Fund (B)South African High Equity-1.47%-0.67%8.61%41.07%
28.Investec Opportunity Fund (A)South African High Equity-1.47%-0.67%8.61%41.06%
29.Investec Opportunity Fund (E)South African High Equity-1.46%-0.62%8.46%40.81%
30.Investec Cautious Managed Fund (A)South African Low Equity-1.08%0.51%8.45%32.36%
31.Investec Cautious Managed Fund (B)South African Low Equity-1.08%0.51%8.45%32.36%
32.Investec Value Fund (R)South African General-3.29%-11.19%8.11%14.15%
33.Investec Global Opportunity Income Fund of Funds (H)Global Variable term0.89%3.56%8.01%- -
34.Investec Global Opportunity Income Fund of Funds (B)Global Variable term0.88%3.44%7.54%32.89%
35.Investec Gilt Fund (R)South African Variable term-1.31%1.72%7.40%24.67%
36.Investec Opportunity Fund (B3)South African High Equity-1.49%-0.98%7.38%36.50%
37.Investec Value Fund (H)South African General-3.28%-11.11%7.36%- -
38.Investec Gilt Fund (B)South African Variable term-1.31%1.65%7.12%23.48%
39.Investec Value Fund (B)South African General-3.29%-11.21%6.92%13.29%
40.Investec Value Fund (A)South African General-3.29%-11.21%6.92%13.29%
41.Investec Diversified Income Fund (H)South African Income0.06%2.01%5.75%- -
42.Investec Diversified Income Fund (A)South African Income0.05%1.94%5.45%19.58%
43.Investec Absolute Balanced Fund (B)South African Income0.38%1.73%4.99%17.29%
44.Investec Emerging Companies Fund (R)South African Mid and small cap-1.46%-3.24%4.68%76.94%
45.Investec STeFI Plus Fund (B)South African Short term0.12%1.63%4.48%13.57%
46.Investec Emerging Companies Fund (H)South African Mid and small cap-1.46%-3.29%4.17%- -
47.Investec Emerging Companies Fund (B)South African Mid and small cap-1.47%-3.38%4.08%74.16%
48.Investec Emerging Companies Fund (A)South African Mid and small cap-1.47%-3.38%4.08%74.17%
49.Investec STeFI Plus Fund (H)South African Short term0.14%-0.11%1.95%- -
50.Investec Gilt Fund (H)South African Variable term-1.30%-0.16%1.89%- -
51.Investec Opportunity Income Fund (H)South African Income-0.10%1.40%1.52%- -
52.Investec Opportunity Income Fund (A)South African Income-0.11%1.30%1.10%14.18%
53.Investec Opportunity Income Fund (B)South African Income-0.11%1.30%1.10%14.19%
54.Investec Absolute Income Fund (B)South African Income-0.04%1.04%0.71%12.43%
55.Investec Absolute Income Fund (A)South African Income-0.04%1.04%0.71%12.45%
56.Investec Money Market Fund (R)South African Money market*- -- -6.28%- -
57.Investec Absolute Income Fund (H)South African Income-0.03%-0.63%-3.57%- -
58.Investec Commodity Fund (R)South African Resources-3.70%-22.02%-5.49%3.18%
59.Investec Commodity Fund (H)South African Resources-3.70%-22.04%-5.58%- -
60.Investec Commodity Fund (A)South African Resources-3.71%-22.13%-5.99%1.53%
61.Investec Commodity Fund (B)South African Resources-3.71%-22.13%-6.00%1.52%
- - indicates insufficient data.   * Money Market Funds annualised daily yield shown.
Absolute (not Annualised) returns shown. See About Our Figures for more comments.

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