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What Our Clients Have To Say...

Do you have something to say to us? Please send your comments, whether critical or complimentary, to us at direct@equinox.co.za.

"Once again thanks for your super efficiency. Always a pleasure dealing with Equinox." - A Kamwaro, Gauteng

"What a brilliant and user friendly website. I’ve made equinox my home page and I’m constantly referring colleagues and friends to it. " - Afzal Dhansay

"I would just like to comment on how impressed I am with the quality of customer service and the great response time and advice on the questions I posed to equinox.co.za. Keep up the good work." - Andrew, Gauteng

"I have signed up and have already received an email -- from a human and without prompting -- informing me that my paperwork has arrived. You and your team have really impressed me so far. Thanks again. I look forward doing business with you." - Andrew Inngs

"You may mention the high regard I have for Equinox and its employees and the fast, competent and friendly service you render. Thank you for your quick response (as always) to my enquiries." - Anida Visagie, Bloemfontein

"For anyone who switches investments a few times a year, your statements showing capital gain or loss for tax purposes must be a selling point. I also value your regular emails that draw attention to new articles and interviews. Keep up the good work. " - Anon, Gauteng

"Ek gebruik jou webblad baie gereeld die afgelope 4 tot 5 jaar. Baie dankie vir die diens wat julle deur julle webblad aan die algemene publiek lewer al maak hulle nie van jul beleggingsdienste gebruik nie." - Anton Hendriks, Weskaap

"Dankie en geluk met die uiters bekwame diens wat ek van Equinox ontvang." - Ben Pretorius, Western Cape

"I have had nothing but good service from Equinox and it is really appreciated, your website is very helpful and I have learnd a lot from you all. This is a wonderful service to investors from SA and I am very pleased to have a part of it all. " - Brian Andrews, Kwa Zulu Natal

"I am presently living in the UK and am so impressed by your website. It is so up to date and helpful with investing back home. Thanks for a truly great service and long may you prosper in helping so many of us." - Brian Andrews, UK

"Baie dankie jy het jou belofte nagekom. Dit is aangenaam om met julle besigheid te doen. Julle is op die 'ball'" - Chris Louw, Gauteng

"Veels geluk met die professionele wyse waarop Equinox besigheid aanlyn doen. Dis beslis ‘n maatskappy wat aanbeveel kan word met die gerusstelling dat jou belegging veilig is en met uiters verantwoordelikheid hanteer word deur ‘n bekwame opgeleide span. Die flink wyse waarop ***, *** en *** my bedien is besonder verfrissend, asook jul goed ontwerpte en opvallend deursigtige webtuiste wat baie vertroue by my as belegger wek." - Christien Smit, Bloemfontein

"Thank you to all of the team at Equinox for past services rendered and services to come. Simply the best!!" - David Grinton, Greyton, Western Cape

"Thank you for a very complete and full response to my questions. I am looking forward to make use of your services, and trust that we have a long and fruitful relationship ahead of us. " - DR Henri Jansen van Rensburg, Eastern Cape

"Thanks. Equinox really does have a very friendly client-friendly service with a lot of perks. thank u 4 ur time. " - Dr Lahri

"I feel that I must convey my appreciation of the fast and efficient service that I have been receiving from Equinox. You are always ready to help with whatever problem I need to discuss. I feel that I am not just another client with a number, or a file on the records of some financial institution. " - Dr PA Bothma, Western Cape

"Thanks for your prompt and very courteous reply ! It's so nice to receive such pleasant and efficient service. " - Eugene Sadie, Western Cape

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I'm really impressed by your service. " - Eve Wilson

"Equinox was mentioned to me by a friend a few years ago and I decided to go with you because of your competitive fee basis and comprehensive offering all under one roof coupled with the convenience of the internet. I have had minimal minor queries whilst dealing with you and must say that your service is more than just impressive - I would say "superlative" I have recommended you to a few friends - I hope they have also taken advantage! I truly have no criticisms and find everything I think I need to know on your site. If you add more information/links then I am sure I shall only benefit! " - Frank Coventry, Gauteng

"I have been dealing with Equinox since 2000 and can only report the best service." - Gawie van der Merwe, Western Cape

"Thanks for all the help! You have a brilliant website and nice people to deal with!! " - Harold Govender, Kwa Zulu Natal

"Die wonderlike ding van julle is die feit dat jy self in beheer is van wat met jou geld aangaan. Ek het gister weer `n oproep ontvang van een van die ander beleggingshuise en as ek dit meet teenoor julle kom almal sleg tweede. " - Henk van Zyl, Gauteng

"Thank you for the prompt response. This is what makes it such a pleasure to invest and work with Equinox! " - Hugh Stewart, KZN

"Thank you very much for the reply. I must say I am extremely impressed by the efficiency of your process. " - Ina de Vry, Gauteng

"I would just like to say that Equinox has been by far the best financial type institution that I have ever dealt with. Thank you for the speedy service, I wish I had more money to invest with you." - J Forrester, Gauteng

"Ek is so dankbaar vir die diens wat ek oor die jare van Equinox gekry het. Elke navraag is spoedig en duidelik beantwoord, jul webplek is uiters gebruikersvriendelik en vol van al die nodige inligting, en die geld wat ek beskikbaar het om te belę, het pragtig gegroei tot iets wat op my beskeie skaal baie werd is. Nog nooit spyt gewees nie! " - J Stadler, Western Cape

"Thanks for your information (just a point to note - Equinox is a pleasure to deal with - thanks again for your help!) " - Janice Kitchen, Gauteng

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for the way you guys have managed to keep my capital pretty much intact in spite of the bloodbath on the share market. I remain confident that my portfolios are being handled by true professionals and am hugely grateful for this. (15.12.2008)" - Jeff Edwards, Northern Region

"It was with great pleasure that I took a peak at the website this morning and discovered the data is up to date. Now all your clients can have an accurate view of our performance compared to our peers. I really appreciate you help with this. " - Jimmy Hanekom, Gauteng

"For a few years I have purchased and sold Unit Trust investments with Equinox. Not only are costs better than any other that I know, but the servis\ce has always been outstanding. Well done Equinox - you deserve to be acknowledged. " - JL Moss

"Thank you for your patience in talking me through your systems. I appreciate your professional approach at all times!!! I remain very impressed with your level of friendly, efficient help , given at all times, and am very grateful that an organisation such as yours is alive and well in this crazy world of ours." - Joan Vercueil, Gauteng

"I would first just like to say that the service that Equinox and you have provided me have been outstanding and I'm very appreciative of it. Thank you very much." - John Nel, Cape Town

"I am a new investor with Equinox and am very impressed with the service I have received thus far.When I first registered I had a few snags and phoned practically every day.The staff were very patient,knowledgeable and extremely helpfull. " - Josephine van Staaden, KZN

"Baie dankie vir julle hulp en vriendelikheid om die transaksies en oordrag van eenhede moontlik te maak. Julle bly my nommer 1 instansie waarmee ek besigheid doen. " - L de Wet, Gauteng

"I would like to comment on the excellent level of service which I have received from the staff at Equinox. Being young and inexperienced my knowledge as to what I am doing is very limited and the thought of ‘taking chances’ with my money petrified me. My initial thought was that I would not be offered any assistance due to my portfolio not containing huge amounts of money – how wrong I was!

Anything I have asked *** for, whether it be for admin changes to my account, or assistance in an area of maintaining my account – she has been there to assist me within minutes, with the friendliest and most helpful of manners. " - Lisa Bucher, Gauteng

"Since actively using my account I have recommended Equinox to both the Directors of my company who were looking to invest, and I will continue to spread the word as to what an excellent company you have. " - Lisa Bucher, Gauteng

"I must pass my complements on a very organized user friendly website. Your up to date information is only an asset to my business. I have recommended your website to other financial planners and Broker Consultants. Well done. " - Llewellyn Shadrach, Cape Town

"Thanks so much for your efficiency and wonderful service. I so enjoy dealing with your company. " - Lynne Ross, Western Cape

"Thanks so much for the info. I wish so many other people were as efficient as you. Well done" - Lynton van Rooyen, Western Cape

"Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate your time and detailed explanation. Once again, Equinox is a great idea and provides a great service. Do hope this level of service and innovation spreads through your organisation and encourages the entire financial services industry to improve." - Mahesh Parbhoo, Kwa Zulu Natal

"I have to complement you on the changes to your website. The PDF statements are fantastic and look very professional. " - Marietjie Schulz, Kwa Zulu Natal

"Weereens, baie dankie vir die uitstekende terugvoer. Groete, " - Marius Scheepers.

"Thank you for your quick response, much appreciated. Ive had a lot of bad experience with SA customer service - good to see somebody's on the ball!! " - Mike Nelson, UK

"We like Equinox, we think that they're great value for money. It's cheap, it's a fantastic service, if you want to go anywhere, equinox.co.za. " - Moneyweb

"Many thanks for your interest and concerns. Top marks to Equinox for being so professional. " - Mr Vanker, Kwa Zulu Natal

"best site on the net, I refer clients to your site all the time ...." - Neil Roynon, Western Cape

"Once again exceeding my expectations. It always is a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for excellent service. " - P Goosen, Gauteng

"I would like to tell you that I love the new interface more every day. Well done!" - Paul Meintjies, Pretoria

"It is most refreshing to find a site, that not only provides so much detailed information on various funds, but also provides it in such a manner that is easy for " Non financial persons" to understand. I think you are streets ahead of your competitors, with this type of approach. Regards. " - Paul Naylor, Western Cape

"I also want to use the opportunity to compliment equinox on their website. I appreciate the low bandwidth and fast response approach that has been taken as opposed to a bloated, high bandwith, window-dressed approach. Many thanks. " - Paul Schutte, Gauteng

"Thank you for your prompt, professional service! " - Pierre Joubert, Gauteng

"Thank you very much, I still can't really get my head around your guys' amazing efficiency! " - Pierre le Roux, Gauteng

"Your website and offering is the best I came across so far. I would appreciate an online managed fund (Australia for unit trusts) super market like yours in Australia. Further South Africa also offer data trends for Metastock and other technical analysis programs through service providers. Not at all available in Australia on managed funds. Congratulations Equinox team and keep up the good work. " - Pieter Taljaard, Australia

"If the management of my account is solely based on the service level of responses, I am in for great returns on my investment. Thank you very much for your thorough and prompt reply. " - Robbie Jacobs

"Your system is well conceived, highly functional, simple and intuitive to use, and easy on the eye. As a professional in the IT industry myself, I must congratulate your systems development team. " - Robert Sinclaire, Gauteng

"Hi there - I'm pretty quick to complain, so I thought I should be just as quick to congratulate. Its amazing what a depth of functionality you have provided under that little blue "i" column! This makes Equinox the most powerful platform for analysing, researching and investing in unit trusts. I love it. " - Robert Sinclaire, Gauteng

"I began investing through Equinox in May 2005 and was fortunate enough to make some gains on the resources run that took place since then. Because I am far away from the market, this was made possible by your services and the opportunity to change and track accurately and with the least delay. Thanks very much for the good job that you have done and pass on my thanks to your IT people who, without fail, update the reports at EXACTLY 8am every day. That time has become a feature of my daily office routine now. Thanks for all your assistance, " - Roger VG

"I must congratulate you on your feedback and service, very impressive. I'm so tired of fighting with service providers across industries , it's very refreshing to deal with someone with your high levels of customer service. " - Sharon Prawlall, Gauteng

"Dankie vir julle harde werk. Die rede hoekom ek die effekte trusts na julle toe oordra is omdat ek baie beindruk is met julle werk asook die beskikbaarheid van die inligting op die internet. Ek dink julle lewer ‘n baie goeie diens, en jy kan maar vir julle baas vertel dat ek baie beindruk is. " - SP Fouche, Zambia

"I recently transferred my holdings to Equinox. I was with another company for many years and in comparison your service is extremely efficient with highly courteous consultants. My reason for joining you is that you have an absolutely amazing web site so much so that one would like to visit that site every day. Your site is filled with amazing details on products and unit trusts. Your on-line services allows one to easily make switches and the details on the units in the portfolio makes for interesting reading and analysis and decision making. I am sure that you research in depth to provide us with detailed information. I am glad I had joined you company and I am confident that I will have a long and eventful association with you. " - T Naicker, KZN

"I must compliment you on the informative and helpfull program you display free of charge to everyone interested. Many thanks,I do make use of it very often." - Theo Mastenbroek

"I must congratulate your company on an excellent service. When I initially joined your company, I was impressed with the service as I had many interactions with the staff. Well in the last two years we were in recession and I had little or no occassion to contact your office. I wish to reiterate that today the high quality of the service is still being maintained and in fact the information available to us investors is of an excellent quality. Keep up the excellent service. " - Tommy Naicker, Durban

"I am a South African currently working and living in the United states. I just wanted to commend you on your excellent website. Its refreshing to find a site that presents information in a relatively unbiased manner and is keen on educating the novice investor at the same time. Keep up the good work." - Vishal Ishwarparsadh, United States

"Dit was nog altyd 'n vreugde om met Equinox te handel, hierdie bevestig net weer my vertroue in Equinox. Baie dankie. " - W Pienaar, Gauteng


Do you have something to say to us? Please send your comments, whether critical or complimentary, to us at direct@equinox.co.za.
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